Quality Assurance

Consistent quality is our aspiration

The quality assurance of all gaskets begins with the inspection of incoming goods. In-process inspections according to test instructions during manufacturing ensure a consistent quality.

Our gasket types are tested for their properties (gasket characteristics) in the Möller test laboratory. The core elements are the Amtec stand up to 600°C and the TA Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) system. The certifications for the respective gasket types are stored in the database on our homepage. Before gaskets leave our company, all parameters of these gaskets are checked in the final inspection according to test instructions.

  • Gaskets are safety components. These cannot be seen separately from the flange, bolts and nuts. All these elements form a unit and must be matched to each other.
  • Material inspection at Incoming goods
  • Batch number for all gaskets
  • Inspection of size accuracy before shipment of goods
  • Gasket characteristics: Amtec test stand up to 600°C
  • DIN28090/ DIN EN 13555/ DIN28091/ DIN52913/ DIN3535 ...