Corrugated Rings and Courrgated Frames

The universal gasket - unbeatable in price & performance

Corrugated ring gaskets with soft material layers, usually made of grafite or PTFE, are used as universal gaskets in all areas of industry. They display a high seal tightness as well as a very limited creeping. They also have exceptional resilient properties due to the corrugated metal ring. This combination of extraordinary properties makes corrugated ring gaskets the perfect gaskets for refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants.


Square frames, oval and round versions, with or without webs, can be produced, both with screw holes (MMD-CG-FG-FFF), as well as versions with idle centering edge (MMD-CG-FG-CR) or versions with external torque multiplier (MMD-CG-FG-FF-BUR). For flanges with large diameters of several meters, the gaskets can be doubled over a sheet metal ring (MMD-CG-FG-FG-CG-FG-FG). Corrugated ring gaskets adapt to flange blade inclinations with the entire sealing surface.

Corrugated ring seals are usually fitted with graphite or PTFE layers. The application limits in the thermal range are 250°C for PTFE and up to 550°C for graphite, depending on purity. When the gasket is installed, the soft material layer partially presses into the grooves of the gasket. For very high temperatures up to 800 °C, high-temperature steels with heat-resistant supports can be used. For corrugated gaskets with soft material layers, the minimum surface pressure is approx. 10 to 15 MPa (N/mm²). The maximum bearable surface pressures are very high, up to over 220 MPa (N/mm²).

  • Characteristic values according to EN 13555
  • Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) according to VDI 2440
  • Fire Safe according to ISO 10497 / API
  • Blow-out test according to VDI 2200
  • Federal Institute for Materials Research (BAM) for oxygen applications

Download file: Corrugated Rings and Corrugated Frames

Möller Metalldichtungen Datenblatt für CG–Wellringe und Wellrahmen (4.0 MiB)

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