Weld Ring Gaskets

Absolute gas tightness

Weld ring gaskets (according to DIN 2695) always form a pair. These are individually welded onto the flange surface and welded together. This sealing technique achieves absolute gas tightness.

There are two types of weld ring gaskets:

  • With hollow lip: profiles WRG-WR and WRG-WRL
  • Without hollow lip: profiles WRG-FG and WRG-WL

Profiles without hollow lips are mainly used for flange pairs of the same type where no particular expansion differences occur.

  1. Diaphragm-weld gasket
  2. With welding lip
  3. With welding ring
  4. Metallic sealing surface with convex sealing surface with lens-shaped welding ring and metallic O-ring

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