Ring Joint Gaskets

High pressure gaskets

Ring joints are increasingly used in the chemical and petrochemical industries. They are all-metal seals and therefore meet the requirements of all sets of rules. The sealing width adjusts to the surface pressure due to the nestling sealing surfaces. The shapes of the oval ring joint (MMD-RJ-OV) and the octagonal ring joint (MMD-RJ-OK) differ significantly in the radius of the nested surface. Oval ring joints are strongly deformed during assembly, the radius seems to be too small here. For octagonal ring joints, precisely fitting sealing surfaces and very high bolt forces are required. While the radius of the oval ring is half the gasket width, the radius of the octagonal ring joint is infinitely large. The solution is an octagonal convex ring joint (MMD-RJ-OKC) with a conical surface as the sealing surface.

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