Christmas greetings

23 Dec

Dear customers,
Dear business partners,

There is a saying that goes, "In every crisis lies an opportunity."

The Corona pandemic challenges us, our employees, business partners, suppliers and especially our children and young people on a daily basis.
The impact of the crisis is an absolutely exceptional situation for them. Whether cinema, swimming pool, gymnasium, museum or theatre - in many cultural,
sports and leisure activities are not open to them. Yet we all know how important cultural and sports activities are for young people.

Instead of the usual Christmas presents, we are once again donating
an amount to support the social and societal commitment for the common good of our children and young people.
for the common good of our children and young people in our region. The Hecklinger primary school, for example, can look forward to a 1500€ grant for a theatre project.
for a theatre project and the Hecklinger day-care centre for children can look forward to a cash donation of the same amount. We also support the
C-youth handball players of HC Salzland 06 with a jersey donation and the football players of TSV Neundorf with new training suits.
In addition, we supported the "Boredom Box" project for the local youth clubs with an amount of € 500,
to provide them with free handicraft materials during the pandemic.

We are excited to see what challenges and opportunities 2022 holds for us and look forward to
and we look forward to tackling them with you as successfully as we have this year.
We wish you a peaceful Christmas, a peaceful and restful time between the years and a business-filled New Year.

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