Annual meeting of the VTH specialist group sealing technology

24 Nov

Every year, distributors and suppliers of the VTH specialist group "Sealing Technology" meet to work together as partners in the supra-regional network of leading sealing specialists. True to the motto "Moving a lot together", the  Association Technical Trade is committed to providing high-quality services for the procurement and use of seals. Our business relationship with the VTH has existed since 1998. This was followed in 2017 by additional membership of the VTH specialist group "Sealing Technology", which was founded in June 2016. On 21 November, we opened the doors of our company premises for the annual meeting for the first time in order to create a traditional forum for discussions and the exchange of experiences.

Firstly, the suppliers met each other and engaged directly in individual dialogue. End customers have high expectations - as the dealers, in particular, who gathered on the company premises after the supplier meeting, are well aware. Strengthened by delicious food from Pittis Buletten-Schmiede, we demonstrated our know-how and expertise, which we can contribute to the specialist group, in guided tours of the company. As the management, we are particularly proud that our division managers independently presented their processes, our extensive warehousing and our modern and customised production capacities. The technically sophisticated machinery, the process automation, the cleanliness and the size of our company convinced the members of the specialist group. As a result, this year's annual meeting was a complete success.

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