Corporate History

Möller Corporate History

On March 1, 1994, Ralf Möller started his own business with two employees in an attic office in the "Schacht VI" industrial park in Löderburg, selling gasket technology and doing technical trading, without ever losing sight of his real goal: the production of industrial gaskets. The company grew rapidly. In the same year we rented the first warehouse in order to be able to react more quickly to customer orders. Soon the office became too small and there was not enough space in the warehouse. That did prove our company strategy!

In order to meet the new requirements, we moved into a larger facility within the industrial park in 1996. Here we specialized in punching operations for standard and special flat gaskets. At the same time the production of steel strip cutting tools for gasket production was started. One year later, the sole proprietorship Möller-Industrietechnik was transformed into Möller-Industrietechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

The move to a larger facility in the industrial park of Hecklingen near Magdeburg in 1999 was the starting signal for regular investments and the associated growth. To this day, has not only the customer base constantly been expanding, but work and storage areas have also been undergoing a constant expansion process. This is an indispensable reaction to the great demand for "Made by Möller" gaskets.

In the course of the past years a number of new production and storage halls have been built. In 2009, Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH was added to Möller-Industrietechnik GmbH. Both companies are managed under one roof and run and represented by the Möller family.

However, investments are made not only in infrastructure and technology, but also in employees. At Möller, well-trained and motivated employees are regarded as a precious investment asset. The clearly defined guiding principle of the "Möller family" is lived out of conviction among our workforce every day . We are very proud of this!

  • New building 5

    Möller Metalldichtungen GmbH

  • New building 6

    Large warehouse

  • New building 7

    MMD-Hall, administration block